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An Actual Day Shooting Assignment that we’ve captured during our last Melaka Assignment with Kevin Tan, we were hired by Kevin Tan as Second Shooter on the groom side, so most of the shot that i’ve is only on groom. for more photos about Philip + Vieanna’s actual, you can visit  .

Philip is a very fun person, although he was from Scotland, he is very interested in our culture in Malaysia, what make us more surprise is that all his Heng Dai are from Scotland as well~ never before to see Scotland and Chinese style in chinese Actual Day before. We never get to see them wearing Scotland traditional Skirt on morning but dinner we seem them wearing it, and is really full of surprise to see them wearing it.~ that makes us wanted to visit Scotland in future~!


Here is the Photos that we have captured on their Actual Day. Enjoy~!



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I met David back at 2007 or 2008, introduced by my cousin, she know that i like photography and still noob back there, so she introduce me a pro which is David.

He’s a Designer,Photographer and Technician ??? i suppose…  Anyway, he is a friendly and easy talk with person. Whatever question we have in photography or computers we don’t understand, he will explain in full details of the particular subject and make sure you understand it. The knowledge of computer and camera of he carrying that amaze me…

One day they requested me to take their family portrait so i accepted, since is long meet friend so here i some of the shot we toke two different day, one at KL PAC the other at Genting Highland. So feel free to have  a look and comment~!



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Hey everyone!

New photos are now uploaded. Following are some of  our pre-wedding portraits in the beautiful Country of Sunrise. This is our first pre-wedding shoot in Japan. Our first stop is the historical and ancient Kyoto follow by Osaka City at the Kansai region. We are in time to capture the romantic cherry blossom bloom and experience the wonderful and warmth hospitality of the Japanese.


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